27th Nov 2010

Sydney, Canberra: Fin.

After the somewhat eventful Adelaide show, it was with some level of trepidation that we approached our Sydney show. An uneventful drive from Melbourne, complete with a somewhat disappointing lack of the locust plagues that had been reported in the news, we arrived in Glebe, bathed in glorious sunshine.

With little to do in the short term, we loaded our gear into the Roxbury Hotel and repaired to the front bar for a couple of well-earned drinks.

The show had a bafflingly early kick-off around 7:30 with us scheduled to take the stage at 8:30 after opening act Kell Taylor and his band had played. As we set up, we were informed that the bassist from headline act that night, had been involved in an accident and so Jump The Shark had been forced to pull out. Wishing we’d been informed earlier, so that we could have pushed the start times back a little, we decided to take our time and play a longer set than we’d initially planned.

A rigorous week of checking and re-checking the tuning and hold of my Telecaster had seemed to do the trick, and slowly the demons of Adelaide began to dissipate. And a vocal and very friendly crowd made it a thoroughly enjoyable Sydney debut.

After a slow start to Sunday, we made the drive down to Canberra for the last show of the tour. Our support, Julia and The Deep Sea Sirens had been fantastically enthusiastic and supportive, offering to put up posters about town. They’d had a hell of a week, with band members quitting and succumbing to alcohol poisoning. Despite this, they performed a cracking set that had us, well Pete certainly, up and dancing. Sarah and I were dragged up, somewhat less willingly, to join him.

The Phoenix, our venue, struck us as the sort of place that we feel at home at, and not something we were expecting to find in our nation’s capital. We ended up playing one of my favourite shows of this tour, and we’ve been very lucky to have some amazing times. We finished the set to cries for more, and had we rehearsed more songs we would have been more than happy to oblige. Instead we spent the next hour or so talking to basically every single person in the place before deciding to head a couple of doors down for kebabs.

Kebabs consumed, we felt a drink was in order so we headed to the bar in the basement of our hotel where we found many of the people who had come out to see us, and the conversations continued. With a very daunting early start looming, we reluctantly headed upstairs for some much needed sleep.

Looking back on it, we couldn’t be happier with how this – our first tour – had gone. With far more terrific nights than less terrific, I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to take our music around Australia.

We’ll be spending a lot of time next year re-visiting the places we’ve been on this tour, and taking our show to the places we sadly had to miss out on. To everyone who came down to see us, wherever we were, our eternal thanks. To those who missed us, we’ll be back very soon.

Our thanks also go to all the artists who supported us and made the hurdles facing a little indie band just that little bit easier to jump. In particular, Joe Nuttal and Enola Fall, Linc Fevre, Greg Walker, Karl Smith, The Leitmotif and Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens. And especially to Matt Collyer and Jae Rowbotham for joining us on our QLD adventures and doing the monster drive to ensure we all had gear to use.

We have a couple of Melbourne shows lined up already and early next year, we aim to be back up in Brisbane. Next year will also see us start work on our second album. 2010 has been big for us, 2011 promises to be bigger.