13th Nov 2010

Melbourne & Tassie

The Melbourne Launch
This was always going to the big one for us: our hometown show at one our city’s finest venues.

After the sad news from Machine Translations that they would have to pull out, we were very excited to be playing with Karl Smith of Lee Memorial and formerly of Sodastream.

Also making appearances with us onstage: Matt Collyer, helping out with some acoustic guitar and backing vocals as he had done for our Queensland shows, and Slow Human Escape’s Greg Bricknell who made the most fabulous sounding guitar noises and blew the roof off the Toff.

Except for a broken string early on, the show went off without a hitch and we made significant dent in the rider, leaving just under half a bottle of wine behind.

With slightly fuzzy heads, we boarded a flight for Launceston. Everything about the Launceston show had been a headache, with supports pulling out leaving us with no backline.

Joe from Enola Fall (one of the bands who had to pull out) had ben an absolute champion, lending us a couple of amps and helping find a replacement support.

Lincoln LeFevre also was an absolute star, too. Driving up from Hobart and bringing with him the amps lent to us by Joe.

I won’t name the other support in order to avoid nasty internet sniping, but he was a local act who 5 minutes before he was meant to go on, decided that there weren’t enough people for his liking, and rather than waste his genius on a quiet room, he opted to leave without any apology or explanation.

Despite this bewildering and ugly turn of events, the show went to – admittedly – quite a small but a very responsive crowd. After we finished playing I spoke to a couple of punters who’d come down to see Linc play. I thanked him for sticking around to see us, and he said “we wouldn’t have stayed if you were shit”. High praise indeed.

The next morning, we hit the road to Hobart after breakfast in a cafe advertising “the best coffee in Launceston”. It was pretty good, though we had little to compare it to. Their claim may well be correct, but we just don’t know for sure.

With no plans that night, I caught up with a few members of my very extensive Tasmanian family. And the next night, we headed down to Republic Bar for what would turn out to be another of our finest shows.

Supporting us was a local band New Saxons, who were amazing and had most of the crowd on it’s feet just two songs in. In a few days, Peter and I would catch them again in Melbourne. I think we all hit stage knowing we’d have to dig pretty deep to match their level of energy.

The show was incredible fun and we left resolving to make trips down south a regular occurrence.

Massive thanks must be given to all at The Republic Bar and The Hub for having us, and to Joe Nuttal from Enola Fall, New Saxons and Linc LeFevre for their generosity and enthusiasm. Next stop, Adelaide and the end of the tour looms on the horizon…