4th Nov 2010

Queensland (and Northern NSW) Wrap-up

After a blinder of a show in Brisbane (which just quietly, may have been our best ever) we slept long and hard into Saturday. A lazy day including a late breakfast ensued, with some rather fancy shoes coveted (by Peter) and purchased (by me).

As the afternoon crept on, we craved beer and so together with our incredibly gracious host Katie, we headed to the Storey Bridge Hotel. A bizarre mix of rugby fans, Halloween revellers and staff dressed for Octoberfest greeted us. The pub’s Octoberfest celebrations included a number German beers on offer, some German style dishes on the menu (oddly, including beef and Guinness pie) and ‘German’ films being screened on the wall of the dining room. The film tonight was Casablanca. An odd choice as, while the film does feature some Nazis, Germany is not particularly proud of this period in their history.

We wondered what they’d be playing the next night… Schindler’s List, perhaps?

After dining, we headed back to the Valley for a drink at … sigh … Cloudland. It’s an exhaustingly opulent place and I ended posting on Twitter that I felt I needed to go and stand in an alley next to some bins to balance out the fanciness. How fortunate then that our plans that night were to go and see Inland Sea play at Woodland, a venue that is located down an alley. Next to some bins. We all felt much more at home.

Woodland, and Inland Sea, were great. But as the building housed a club underneath it and backed onto another club, we were amazed to find that we had trouble being able to hear Inland Sea – a 10-piece band – actually playing. Still, it was a great night and their EP, Traitor, was played at high volume in the car afterwards.

After more glorious sleep and a slightly earlier breakfast, we hit the road heading south for Lennox Head, for an afternoon front-bar show. Back in slightly more reliable mobile reception, I was greeted with some sad news on voicemail from Greg of Machine Translations. A tragic family illness would mean they would have to pull out of our Melbourne show, a few phonecalls back and forth however and Karl Smith (Lee Memorial & ex-Sodastream) was booked to take their place.

Lennox was a little quiet this particular Sunday owing, as it turned out, to a particularly large Saturday night and a local wedding that afternoon. Still, our three-hour-long collection of solo sets from myself and Matt Collyer and then full-band sets fell upon friendly ears and we all sold some CDs and had half-price steaks to celebrate.

Celebrations continued back at our accommodation with both The Weekend People and Matt Collyer and the Collection providing slabs unbeknownst to the other. It all got a bit blurry towards the end, but we all learned some fun facts about platypuses (not platypi – fun fact #1) from one of the motel’s owners.

Somehow Matt and Jay were up at the crack of 7.30 to start the long drive back to Melbourne. I heard them leaving and thought about getting up to say cheerio but decided against it and went back to sleep.

The Weekend People arrived back home in the wee hours of the next morning, about an hour-and-a-half later than expected (thanks again, JetStar) and in the mood for little else but sleep.

Tomorrow – well today, now – we have our Melbourne launch. And then on Friday we head to Tasmania for shows in Launceston and Hobart. Something is clearly going on in Launceston with one of our two supports pulling out less than a week ago, and having just been replaced before the other pulled out tonight. We are faced with the prospect of having to hire a backline (which we were really hoping to avoid) but I remain optimistic of a good show regardless.

For now, I’m focussing on tomorrow’s launch at The Toff. I’m hoping we can top Brisbane.