30th Oct 2010

X & Y and a day off

As Nick and Adam headed south to Bangalow, we headed north to Brisbane. Loading in to X & Y Bar we were made aware of the first of what would turn out to be several frustrating miscommunications about the show. After allaying the sound guy’s concerns about the line-up, sorting out gear sharing with Grey Stills and a frantic soundcheck, we needed a drink.

We headed across the road to a place called Cloudland which illustrates perfectly why this town is called ‘BrisVegas’. It’s ridiculous.

Sadly Matt and Jay (with Peter helping out on drums) played to a pretty quiet room… the layout of the venue didn’t help with the stage kind of tucked-away in an alcove. By the end of their set, things were looking a bit healthier. Matt’s songs are fantastic and they played a blinder of a set. Grey Stills were great too… a real Joy Division vibe.

Ours was one of the best sets we’ve ever played and was great fun. We had a good-sized and vocal crowd and the sound was immaculate. All the headaches from earlier were forgotten and we fell in love with the venue all over again. One of our newer songs ‘We Are Police’ brought the house down – it’s my favourite song to play at the moment.

We were originally supposed to be playing tonight down in Yamba, but a booking mix-up left us with a day off. Which is a bit sad, but as we’re now talking about going for some afternoon beers I’m not too upset. And it’s nice to have a bit of a breather.

Tomorrow we head down to Lennox Head for the last show of this leg, and our last with Matt Collyer. It’s going to be just the two acts, and promises to be a very laid-back acoustic affair.