29th Oct 2010

Gold Coast Shenanigans

The show last night at Gold Coast Arts Centre Basement went very well and was a great way to kick off the tour. A decent sized and eerily attentive crowd was in attendance and we really pushed the boundaries of what one would normally consider ‘unplugged’ (which is how the show had been advertised).

Nicholas is not touring with us, sadly, as he is supporting The Audreys on their national tour and it was a lovely surprise to find that he and Adam (Australia’s smiliest drummer) were also on the Gold Coast. We caught up with them after our show and repaired to our hotel room for beers and shenanigans that resulted in a mild telling off from the hotel manager. The television remained in the room, despite it being decided that dropping it eleven stories onto a tennis court would be both spectacular and very rock and roll.

We only had to make our way to Brisbane today, and Nick and Adam only had to travel an hour or so south we spent the morning drinking much stronger coffee than we expected for the Gold Coast (we’re your typical Melbourne coffee snobs) and eating breakfast by the beach.

Later we inflicted our pasty white frames onto an unsuspecting public for a spot of swimming and then spent a good few hours sitting in a park noodling around on our acoustic guitars and until it deemed time to hit the road.

Tonight, we play Brisbane at the X and Y bar which we’ve only heard good things about. We’re expecting a more sedate post-gig celebration tonight, but things are bound to spice up tomorrow night when Nick and Adam hit town with The Audreys. Fun times ahead!