28th Oct 2010

The Gold Coast: The tour starts

We’re holed up in our Gold Coast hotel room, on the 11th floor overlooking an enormous London Eye-style ferris wheel.

It feels like it’s been a pretty long day of travel for us, but in talking with our tour mates Matt and Jay, we have little to complain about. They drove up from Melbourne. We flew and short of some minor damage courtesy of JetStar baggage handlers, we arrived intact.

A rushed soundcheck and a brief chat with Chris Pickering (who’s headlining tonight’s show at the Gold Coast Arts Centre) and we headed straight for the hotel, which brings us to this point in time.

Pete’s gone to buy booze for later, Sarah’s sitting on the balcony and I should probably think about changing for the show.

Adios, we’ll see you on the other side…