30th Jun 2013

Stolen Cars - Our new single

Poor neglected blog.

We've released a new single. It's called Stolen Cars and our friends from Octopod Films have made a pretty sensational video for it.

The shoot for the video would have made a great topic for a blog post too - four days in and around Shepparton in the baking, relentless heat made up to look like we'd had the shit beaten out of us.

Watch it here and we'll see you at the Oscars.

I'll now attempt to list EVERYONE involved, by way of thanking them.

Chris Tomkins (Director/Editor/Colour grade)
Marisa Brown (Concept/Producer)
Colin Bell (Director of Photography)
Fleur Saxton (Production Assistant/Wardrobe)
Rose Parsons (Hair & Makeup)
Mel O'Shannessy
Saxton/Murphy Families
Lelda Kapsis
Chris Saxton
Luke Orton
Andrew Brown
Russell Boag
Peter King
Jimmy Forsyth

I really hope I haven't missed anyone from this list - obviously it also features Sarah, Peter and myself as our badass alter-egos.

The single is available to buy on iTunes  and it's also up on Triple J Unearthed (we'd love a review in return!).